Free Fall

A personal Project exploring the lose of control we’ve all encounted during the Covid Pandemic.

Read a lovely article about it at It’s Nice That

Free fall
Losing control
Unable to plan ahead
Travel restrictions
Unable to attend funerals
Forced to sit alone
Reflect on priorities
Decide on our base
Whether to relocate
Same storm, different ships
Those living on estates
In tower blocks
Claustrophobia, suffocation
Some can’t work from home
No option for furlough
When will he get his next paycheck
Food banks full
Communities mobilise
Faces pressed against windows of care homes
Final goodbyes on facetime
Migrant grandmothers taken to hospital
Can’t remember her bearings
Traumatised, calling for her son
Endless queues outside Tesco
Hands sanitized
Wedding cancelled again
Cancer treatment cancelled again
Covid takes precedence only
Disappointed, stressed, shocked, afraid
Old hauntings creep
Vulnerable, challenged, unprepared for change
Reflective, considerate, enlightened, expansive, frustrated,
soul crushed, uncontrollable sadness, corruption
Breathless, uneasy, death looming
Statistics piling
The disabled only just given options to work from home
A holiday for those in their mansions with gardens
Mental health deteriorates
Connections fade
Safe spaces snatched
Parks overcrowded
Children with one laptop between them
Squabble to attend school from home
Thoughts for those most marginalized
Those seeking asylum
In foster care
In homes with domestic violence
In bang up in prisons
Sleeping on the streets
The violence of the pandemic
Death difficult to process
Our experiences weren’t the same

Poem by Shareefa Energy